Whole Birds are our best bargan, $25 per bird as our startup special, reserve yours today, available Memorial Day Weekend 5/25/24

Custom cuts breast or thighs skin on or off startup special $7 / pound, contact us to reserve yours today. Available 5/25/24

Wings, our startup special $4 / pound, contact us to reserve yours today. Available 5/25/24. Also scraps heads and feet available at special request

Customize Your Pastured Poultry!

Whole birds are the best bargain however we can process them to your way. 

At our butcher shop, we believe that the best way to enjoy your meat is to get it your way. Whether you prefer your chicken breasts boneless or with bones, skin or no skin, we've got you covered. We are always ready to help you get the perfect cut of meat for your recipes and can even offer suggestions on how to prepare it for maximum flavor and tenderness. So why settle for pre-packaged meat when you can get your meat your way at our shop? Come visit us today and experience the difference!

  • The seller is not licensed and the animals or meat are not subject to state regulation or inspection by a public health agency; and
  • The meat is not intended for resale; and


Trying to raise your own flock? We can help and share our experience

Sharing information and experience is highly beneficial to everyone. It can lead to better results and a more enriched experience. By sharing their expertise, we can provide each other with a deeper understanding of the benefits and difficulty's we face. Additionally, farmers and ranchers can share their own experiences and perspectives, which can help newcomers find success in their own journey. Ultimately, when information and experience are shared, everyone benefits, and we get a better product and our birds get better lives.

Product Reviews

Knowing what products and suppliers to use goes a long way

Knowing what works can make a huge difference when it comes to your operation. It's important to understand what products are most useful and the ones you can do without. We can provide valuable insights that help others make informed purchasing decisions. Whether it's a new gadget, packaging product, or a household item, understanding what works and what doesn't can go a long way in helping us find the best products for our needs. So, if you're looking for effective product reviews, let us know, or take the time to research and share with us what you have found. Your insights could make all the difference!

Living off the land: Homesteading

Living the best life can mean different things to different people, but for those who are passionate about homesteading, it often involves a simpler, more self-sufficient way of living. Homesteading is all about getting back to basics, growing your own food, and living off the land. It's about being more self-reliant, reducing your environmental impact, and building a stronger connection to the natural world. At its core, homesteading is about living a life that is more in tune with nature. This means embracing a slower pace of life, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us, and learning to live in harmony with the rhythms of the earth. It also means being more mindful of our consumption habits, and making choices that are better for both ourselves and the community. Whatever your approach, the key is to start where you are, and build from there. Ultimately, living the best life through homesteading is about finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the work that we do. It's about taking control of our own lives and making choices that align with our values and priorities. Whether you're just starting out on your homesteading journey or have been living this way for years, there's always more to learn and explore. So why not take the first step today, and start living your best life through homesteading?

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